"Helping authors and other professionals

prepare their works for publication"

In order to save time and money for my clients, I work with them through all of the stages of their work. My goal is to help my clients to produce a publication-ready manuscript of the highest professional quality. In order to reach this goal, I teach, inspire, and share who I am with the world.

-Gary Senick

Gerard J. Senick:

Senior Editor for Gale Research (now Gale Cengage Learning) for twenty-five years

Writing Consultant and Editor, Senick-Editing, to the private and public sectors including academia

B.A., English, University of Detroit

Gerard J. Senick
Recent Examples:

Working with the faculty and staff of the University of Detroit-Mercy Law School to prepare materials for a successful re-accreditation

Fourteenth year of editing a monthly forensic-economics column for the Detroit/Oakland County Legal News

Presenting a writing workshop in conjunction with graduates courses in Economics at Wayne State University
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