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John Sase, Ph.D.


Economist John F. Sase, Ph.D.


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Personal Injury

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Forensic Economist

Quantitative Analyst

Since 1997, Dr. Sase has determined economic and the basis for related losses in more than 500 cases involving: Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Employment Law, Small-Businesses & Professional Practices litigation, Intellectual Property, and other matters.

Based upon his education and life experience, John F. Sase, PhD holds himself out as a forensic economist, in Michigan and beyond, offering his knowledge and professional skills to help attorneys settle their cases early and satisfactorily. When cases go to arbitration or trial, he steps forward to serve as an economic expert witness.

Dr. Sase is a practicing economist and quantitative analyst. This means that his work includes measuring and analyzing economic losses; preparing written determinations of these losses; consulting with attorneys and their clients; participating in discovery depositions initiated by opposing counsel; and providing testimony of my findings, conclusions, and opinions in courts of law as an economist expert witness in Michigan state courts and United States District Courts in Eastern Michigan.

Throughout his career, the majority of cases upon which Dr. Sase has worked as a economist expert witness (or economic expert witness) have involved the determination of economic losses accruing to human beings over extended periods of time.

These damages emerge from loss of employment, severe and disabling injury, and losses that beset the families of victims who have suffered a wrongful death.

In order to perform this work, an economic analyst / economic expert witness must remain objective while relying upon quantitative and qualitative data, economic theory and methods, and literature from the field of Economics and closely related disciplines.

Core areas include Human Capital--the stock of competences, knowledge, and personality attributes embodied in one’s ability to perform any kind of labor that produces an economic value. This is the value upon which an economist expert witness such as Dr. Sase must opine.

His preparatory background to serve as a forensic economist includes master degrees in Business Economics (MA) and Administration (MBA) with additional electives in Accounting. He followed these degrees with a Doctorate in Economics (PhD) with applied concentrations in Urban Economics and Real Estate, Industrial Organization, and Business.

After completing his doctorate, Dr. Sase created a research department and served as head of research for the Machinist Training Program at Focus: HOPE in Detroit. During this time he also served as an outside director for series of private mutual funds that held in excess of $2 billion at Comerica Bank.

These and other experiences have prepared his for work as an economic expert witness—an economist expert witness in Michigan and beyond.

To date, Dr. Sase has served on 500 cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, employment law, small businesses/professional practices, and intellectual properties. Including individual cases and small to moderate class actions, he has helped more than 2,000 plaintiffs and defendants that included a 1,400 member class that settled for $45 million.