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John F. Sase. MA, MBA, Ph.D.

• Knowledgeable Economist with demonstrated abilities in research, analysis, and forecasting.
• Forward-thinking and methodical professional specializing in research, writing, and teaching.
• Research focus on the structure, development, and growth/redevelopment of urban areas.

Having grown up in the real-estate business in Detroit, MI, I have focused much of research and writing on past and present cities with comparable situations and qualities. For the past 22 years, I have contributed 2,500-word monthly sketches to the Detroit Legal News ( on topics of interest to a highly educated readership. These sketches serve as a starting point for specific academic research.

• Accounting and Auditing
• Advice on Economic Development
• Apply Statistical Analysis Techniques
• Business Development and Management Principles
• Conduct Quantitative Research
• Data Analysis
• Development of Scientific Theories
• Economic Analysis
• Forecast Economic Trends
• Perform Scientific Research
• Spatial and other advanced Mathematics
• Writing Scientific and Non-Scientific Articles
Professional Experience
SASE Associates, LLC | Royal Oak, MI
1997 - Current
Forensic Economist,
Performed contracted research. Provided analysis, written reports, and testimony at depositions and trials. Wrote and published books and videos.

 Wayne State University | Detroit, MI
1987 - Current
Instructor for Urban Economics, Money & Banking, Statistics, and
Principles and Intermediate Economics at Undergrad and Masters level

Great Lakes Global Freight Gateway Project | Detroit, MI
2011 – 2015,
Researcher, Writer, and Associate Developer
Assisted in community development through WSU and Center for Automotive Research

Comerica Bank | Detroit, MI
1992 - 2004
Outside Director Private Mutual Funds
Per Federal Banking Law requirement, served as an outside director for a series of Private Mutual Funds for public corporations and not-for-profit academic institutions.

Focus: HOPE
1993 to 2003
Head of Research, Led research projects, including data collection, data quality, analysis, writing, evaluation and dissemination.



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Probit Analysis of Focus: HOPE’s MTI Program 1991 & 1992

Net Benefits of Focus: HOPE’s Machinist Training Program

Detroit Journal of Economics and Law
(1997 to 1999)

The Legal News
Monthly column (Feb. 1999 – present)

Urban Economic Anatomy:  Upheaval & Change in Detroit
(2009, ISBN: 978-1-44951-011-4)

Agglomerative Subcenters in Monocentric Cities:  Urban Economic Modeling
(2013, ISBN: 978-1-49106-116-9)

Making the Sausage: A Primer for Attorneys and Economists on Preparing Economic-Loss Determinations
(2014, ASIN: B00B2D6S4G)

Curious Alignments: The Global Economy Since 2500 BCE
(2009, ISBN: 978-1-44951-011-4)

Wall Street Greed: Financial Crises Since 3500 BCE
(2013, DVD) (2014, ASIN: B00AU8SWEI)

LIBOR: An Investigative Primer on the London Interbank Offered Rate
(2012, ASIN: B00ASEDVYK)

Peter Krug & Max Stephan: Nazis, Espionage, and Treason in Detroit
(2017, ISBN-13: 978-1546776642)

The Big Short: Read the Book/Watch the Film
(2016, ISBN-13: 978-1533072351)

A View from The Bridge of Spaceship Earth: Reflections on The Thoughts and Teachings of R. Buckminster Fuller
(2017, ISBN-13: 978-1546397199)